A downloadable asset pack


  • Mysterious Cavern
  • Watery Cave
  • The Mines

Good for rpg and adventure games.

Soundcloud Page

For assets that go well with this music, check out Kokoro Reflections' mining assets.


Caverns & Mines.zip 226 MB

Development log


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The archive has a lot of duplicate files contained in nested Zip files.

For example, after unpacking all the nested Zips, md5sum gave results like this one:

2b5b0156c154d9755b00a1fee34a8b5e  Caverns & Mines/Mysterious Cavern/Mysterious_Cavern_Complete.ogg
2b5b0156c154d9755b00a1fee34a8b5e  Caverns & Mines/Mysterious Cavern/Mysterious Cavern/Mysterious_Cavern_Complete.ogg
2b5b0156c154d9755b00a1fee34a8b5e  Mysterious Cavern/Mysterious_Cavern_Complete.ogg
2b5b0156c154d9755b00a1fee34a8b5e  Mysterious Cavern/Mysterious Cavern/Mysterious_Cavern_Complete.ogg

When I tried removing the duplicates and repacking the files with default settings, the size dropped from 226.6MiB to 64.5MiB.

That aside, they’re beautiful pieces and I’ll probably wind up using them for the non-competitive mode in a game I’m picking away at. (Sort of a Lode Runner-esque game with more acrobatic movement and fixed-pattern monsters to make the levels more puzzle-y, where I want to experiment with procedural generation and a multiplayer race mode.)

Thanks! I will be more mindful of how I package my files in the future. At some point I may go back and redo the others, but I'm in the middle of a stressful move right now.

(1 edit)

No problem. I have projects of my own that I’ve been struggling to find time to give some TLC to for over a year, so I know the feeling.

(The only reason I’m poking at developing a game right now is that, unlike my more mature projects, it sometimes meets the “whatever I’d find relaxing right now” criteria for my leisure breaks.)